About Me!

My name is Siddieq Al Amien. I’m indonesian and live in Aceh.

I’m now studying Psychology at Syiah Kuala University. I love psychology because it’s an unique knowledge. What’s is unique in there is that we are studying about how mind works, what is relationship between mind and body, and many more (i just can’t describe it). I find this unique because since kid  i’m curious about what motivated someone to do something, is there something “magical” involved, Cause i want to know why some people choose to behave like this and other people to behave like that (that’s still a mystery i haven’t truly found yet). I like abnormal psychology subject because the reason i’ve explain before.

My Dream is to make other people happy, no matter who they are that might be achieved by becoming a Psychopathologist (Clinical Psychologist that specifically on Abnormal Behaviour). I know this sounds like an impossible dream, but i believe I can 😀

My hobbies are parkour, climbing, and martial arts. I love all of them because it satisfy my thrill-seeking behaviour and pump your adrenaline out…

I think that’s all about me that i can describe now, i’ll update it later.


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