First Post!


I don’t know what motivated me to do something bad. whether it is about my unstable moods or something like that, we know that what you’re doing resemble what you’re feeling. Your life can be analyzed by your behaviour, aggression resemble your insecurity and distrust feeling, your anger resemble your inabilty to get something, whether is a thing, goal, etc.

Many of us some underneath motivation and skills we don’t realize about. Different people with different personality also have different motivation and skills. what motivated someone depends on his/her goal to achieve something. There’s a people or some people who do something for money, there are some people who do it in form of dedication. how they live their life determined what motivation lies in their head.

motivation only is not enough to make changes. it needs skills and dedication to achieve something great. and you all have that… so, be grateful for being what you are. no matter that you’re good or bad person. I believe people can change, what about YOU?. I ever heard to be old and wise you first must be young and stupid.

If you ever think your life sucks, i agree it is. Everyone life sucks. But you must know, in your called “SUCKS LIFE” there are many possibilities that you can be happy, even in the most desperate situation. You must find it cause who are willing to live in “SUCKS LIFE” in eternity? No one wants right? Yeah…

This is my first from heart to heart post. I think there are many mispelling words or misplacing grammar. Sorry, i just get started in this.

Live your life to the fullest!27092009055


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